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An 18-wheeler collision can permanently alter your life. When you sustain catastrophic injuries, you may need ongoing medical care and be unable to work. The cost might be excessive on a physical, emotional, and financial level. You shouldn’t have to bear these burdens by yourself if you were hurt in a truck accidents in Dallas that was the fault of a careless driver, a trucking firm, or another person. The Wilhite Law Firm’s Dallas truck accidents lawyers can assist.

Dallas’s Top Truck Accident Attorneys

Our attorneys are ready to assist you in demanding the full and just compensation you are entitled to right away since they have years of experience and a dedication to providing exceptional service. Call us right away for a free case evaluation. They only get paid to customers when you get paid, so there is no fee for our services.

How Can You  Tell If You Have a Claim After a Truck Accident?

After a collision involving two passenger vehicles, determining fault and pursuing compensation can be difficult. The process of recovering damages after a truck accident lawsuit can become incredibly difficult. You must gather proof that another party was irresponsible and that carelessness caused your crash to establish whether you have a legitimate personal injury claim. The opposing party may be a manufacturer of truck parts, a third-party maintenance organization, a truck driver, a trucking firm, a cargo loading firm, or many other entities.

Additionally, you must provide evidence that your losses and injuries cause directly. Losses of both an economic and non-economic nature include.

If your case satisfies these requirements, you may entitle to compensation from the party or parties responsible. Our Dallas truck accident lawyers are happy to analyze your case without charge and go over your available legal alternatives.

Why Are Truck Accidents More Complex Than Other Types of Accidents?

Due to the distinctive characteristics of commercial motor vehicles and the trucking sector, truck accident lawsuits in Dallas are frequently more complicated. These situations are difficult for a variety of reasons, including:

  • More severe accidents and losses – An 18-wheeler may weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, therefore the injuries it can cause in an accident are frequently devastating. Victims frequently require expensive medical care and experience other losses that have an impact on their entire life.


  • Trucks are sophisticated, complicated vehicles with intricate systems that call for specialised maintenance and inspection. Truck accident victims require skilled injury lawyers that are familiar with the operation of commercial trucks and have experience looking into these types of situations.


  • Truck drivers must also abide by state and federal laws that govern the number of hours they can work and the timing of their required rest breaks. Attorneys must look into how the collision occurs. Whether these laws and regulations breaking as part of a truck accident claim.


  • There could be several insurance policies in effect. Additional layers of insurance may cover the victims of semi-truck accidents. The other party’s insurance policy would probably be the only source of reimbursement in a normal auto accident. There may be several avenues of compensation (different insurance companies) to pursue when a truck accident happens involving multiple culpable parties.


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